“This past Sunday,” writes the historian, Mark Noll, “it is possible that more Christian believers attended church in China than in all of so-called “Christian Europe.”  Yet in 1970, there were no legally functioning churches in all of China” (The New Shape of World Christianity, 20).

Over the last 50 years, Christianity in Asia has spread rapidly. Tens of millions of people have experienced a new life in Christ and joined a local church or house church. At the same time, the forces of death have targeted tens of millions of their children, as well as those within the general population. Today Asia is plagued by unprecedented levels of abortion, infanticide and gendercide.

In response, PassionLife piloted its first initiative in Asia in 2011, serving as a catalyst for a prolife movement arising from the Church. Currently, we train Christian leaders in major cities and major networks of churches in the gospel of life. The strategy involves teaching biblically-based bioethics in ways that can immediately be reproduced and taught without expertise or special equipment. The result is a multiplying process for calling Christians throughout Asia to stand for life with courage and compassion.

PassionLife trains indigenous Christians to:

1. reject abortion and gendercide

2. articulate the case for life in the culture at large

3. provide pregnancy crisis intervention services in their local community


Cuba is the only Latin American country where abortion is legal and free. The result is one of the highest abortion rates per capita in the world and a worldview that stands in contrast to the intrinsic value of all human life created in the image of God. The alienating power of abortion, in the form of guilt and shame, compounds the destruction of human happiness.

The recent realignment between the US and Cuba created an opportunity for PassionLife to bring our prolife trainers to Cuban pastors and leaders for the first time in 2016.

To the glory of God, Cuban lay leaders have risen up and responded to the call to protect the most vulnerable.  “Sopla de Vida” is a Cuban-led, Cuban-funded ministry started by lay leaders who were burdened to help women in crisis.  Not only are they saving babies, providing education and Bible study classes for expectant mothers, and leading after-abortion recovery retreats, but they are reproducing their own ministry by traveling and mentoring other church groups to imitate them.  It is truly a Holy-Spirit inspired work!


PassionLife’s newest long-term initiative is in Vietnam. Similar to China’s old “One Child Policy,” which curbed population growth by restricting family size, Vietnam had a “Two Child Policy” for many years.  The resultant demographics imbalance led the country to scrap the measures in 2011.  But the Vietnamese people remain leery of large families and some say the abortion rates are the highest in all of Asia.

On the bright side, the Vietnamese Church is courageous and mature, and soon after PassionLife first introduced the Four Questions training, an indigenous group of Christian lay people and medical professionals banded together to start serving women in crisis.  Pray for this bold group, that they would experience unity and wisdom as they stand practically for life in a secular culture.


“In 1900, Africa had 10 million Christians, which was about 10 percent of the population. By 2000, the number of Christians was 360 million, about half the population of the continent. This is probably the largest shift in religious affiliation that has ever occurred, anywhere.” (Noll, 21).
The prolife cause is also taking root throughout the continent. In Africa, PassionLife serves as a training partner with pro-life training organizations like the Association for Life in Africa (AFLA) and Africa Cares for Life (ACFL). Under their guidance, we provide pastoral training in the gospel of life, and teach emerging leaders in prolife apologetics and pregnancy crisis intervention.
Pastoral leaders in Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, and Uganda are currently teaching our core curriculum, The Four Questions, throughout their country.



Eastern Europe is one of three “hot zones” in the world for abortion.  In these post-Communist and post-Christian countries, an old worldview that sees life as a commodity–or as having “production value” rather than intrinsic value–persists.  Romania in particular has the seventh highest abortion rate per capita of any country on earth.

PassionLife teams deployed to Romania and Czech Republic in August of 2017 and worked with pastors and leaders in each of four cities.  Pray for continued breakthrough in these cultures.


In 2018 PassionLife made a second trip to teach biblical bio-ethics (the “rights and wrongs” as they pertain to life) in a Reformed seminary in Medellin, and has partnered with a seasoned pro-life Colombian worker to teach in many churches in Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena. Pray for the leaders in these institutions to pass on the vision for the value of all human life to Christians all around the country.


The two countries of India and China account for the lion’s share of the world’s gendercide (choosing one gender for extermination over another).  Sadly, little girls are much more likely to be aborted than boys.  The more rural the area, the more pronounced this phenomenon is.

The lingering dark power of the caste system is also an affront to the idea of the equal value and dignity of all human life.

Pray that the Christians of India would continue to rise up agains these cultural forces and lead the way in honoring each precious life.


It takes the Church here working together to reach the Church there.


Here are four ways for you to take up the Gospel of Life right where you live and join us in the Great Work.

  1. Host a Gospel of Life training seminar. You’ll learn the biblical foundations of prolife bioethics and you’ll be equipped in prolife apologetics. This seminar is especially good for teens, college students and those passionate about the prolife cause and eager to know how to make an effective and persuasive case for life in our secular culture.
  1. Arrange to equip the missionaries supported by you and your church to respond to abortion, infanticide and gendercide where they live and serve.
  1. Approach your local pregnancy center leaders about joining us on our overseas training trips, and provide them the resources.
  1. Invite PassionLife’s President, John Ensor or our Executive Director, Mark Nicholson to your church or your Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. They have stories to tell that will inform and inspire you and your church to the Great Work.