Speaking Events Calendar: John Ensor

July 2017

07/17-27 New Providence Pastors’ Conference, Medellin, Colombia, S.A.

August 2017

08/5-22 Romania & Czech Republic

September 2017

09/15 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Heartbeat of Miami, Miami, FL

09/26 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Assurance Care, Lexington, KY

October 2017

10/05 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Women’s Pregnancy Center, Houston, TX

10/10 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Choices of the Heart PCC, Statesboro, GA

10/11-13 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Care Net Pregnancy Center of the Tanana Valley, Fairbanks, AK

10/15 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center, O’Neill, NE

10/19 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Care Net Pregnancy Resources of Warren County, Hackettstown, NJ

10/26 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Options for Women, Dover, NH

10/27 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, New Direction PC, N. Adams, MA

February 2018

02/9 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, FirstLook, Waxahachie, TX

October 2018

10/11 Answering The Call Fundraising Event, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston , Houston, TX